Thursday, January 12, 2012

That Control Plus F !

Irrelevant fact: I've made it a mission to read the newspaper everyday; even though my powers of retention may be questionable of late, so if you quiz me on the news, I'll draw a blank. I get a (read: zillion) free newspaper every morning at work, and yet I pay a newspaper man to fling a rolled up newspaper into my balcony every morning. Why? So that I feel guilty enough about having spent the money to buy it, and READ.

What this post is about:

And so it happened that when I was reading the newspaper on my way to work one fine day, an article caught my attention. Something I made a mental note to do, so the power of retention issue wasn't (as much of) a problem here. I put the paper away and got on with my daily work.

Then, I wanted to look for that article to make sure I remembered the date and time.

Scan, scan, scan.

Scan, scan, scan some more.


After much hunting, I finally found what I was looking for.

But tell me this - has that happened to you? When you read off a paper, books, and/or other hard copies? Particularly when your job involves one little click of the mouse or buzz of fingers over the keyboard and voila, there's the answer floating right in front of your eyes?! Just like magic. You want to be computer about everything you do. That's 'cause life's easy on the computer! Swell.

Of late, I've begun to feel like my brain has stopped functioning properly. (Remember my earlier mention of powers of retention?). Why do you think that is? Simply because my brain doesn't really have to make the effort. At all. I could relate to this Abtruse Goose comic - very strongly. Machines and devices get faster, we get slower. I think of the Terminator movie series. (One of the things I still remember because it's long lodged in my long term memory). And then of predictions of the world ending on 2012.

Maybe it's time to do something when you get to the point where you feel like you need THAT CONTROL PLUS F !

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