Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The thing about intoxication... that it's a good feeling.

It's sobriety that doesn't wear off.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Let your light shine :)

If truth be told, I'll tell you this
This truth mayn't provide you bliss
Or may, perhaps if you dwell on it
It may even keep your flame still lit.

In life we slowly build a cage
That grows smaller, the more you age
Ever seen a stooping, cane-bearing man?
Make you shrink, the cage can.

We build and build, almost no window
And the door - Oh! It's so low
We stop the search, the search for life
Instead, to follow a set path, our strife

There's an opening though, in every cage
No matter what be your age
Peeping out you'll see a flame, bright
The essence of you, that is your light

And of this flame you are in control
You can just watch it and not unroll
The power of you; flame behold
Control it and the power you'll unfold.

You're that burning light, at heart
You can burn your cage apart
Take control, and allow yourself to discover
The you that has been long undercover

However old you may be, this is just the start
I've not even begun to tell you the best part
The universal truth is that you will do
What you truly, deeply want to

But only if you keep on searching, will the flame
Be alive, and you've only yourself to blame
For stopping too soon and allowing it
To die a premature death.

Life's not over at your age - there is
So much more to do and see. And this
Flame is your passion, keep it burning
For once it's out, there's no returning.
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