Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Return

I returned, refreshed. Very refreshed. And with a few new perspectives tucked up the sleeve. Grown up some? Yes. But the truth is, I am a lot more inspired now than ever before. Inspired to begin again, inspired to jump the gun, take the plunge, take a risk, get a life. Sort of the oxymoron to being grown up, in a sense.

I'd like to say just you watch. Wait and watch. Because I am done waiting. It is time for action, and action it shall be! I'm getting my act together, one brisk step at a time. Moving fast. A little falling here and there is bound to be. I'm all geared, with a first aid kit. I am ready to rock and roll, baby. This means more reading, more writing, more crazy "how the hell did you manage to do that???" stuff. Comin' up shortly.

I now also do believe, two heads are better than one! :)
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