Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Make or break

Did you know that you can train your body to do almost anything? Of course you did. So break the bad habits and set the good ones already!

Summer's here!

Away with the blanket for the nights, cold till yesterday
Pulling out coolers, thinking of the A/C electricity bill
Ice trays and water bottles filled, kept in the refrigerator today
Bought ice cream, juices, cool drinks and put beers to chill

Yep - brace yourself for the heat, 'cause it's gonna be baaaaad this time around! :|

In the know

I didn't know I could do it till I did it !*

*it = Whatever you want to do. No conditions apply.

Do you fear growing old?

The other day I went to this club. It was filled with teenagers, all of whom had too little clothing and too much to drink. I hadn't been out clubbing in a long time, and I just stood and observed how they had so much energy to scream over the "ear-blasting" music, push through the thick crowd (I should've used the word infested earlier) every seven minutes to get another drink, "dancing" and even trying to stay good looking through it all.

I suddenly felt like I didn't have the energy to do this kind of stuff anymore. There's too many other things I've been busy with, for starters. Then, the gnawing little voice at the back of my head was telling me I'd grown too old for this.

Operative word here: OLD.

I know we're all getting there. It starts with "Shit, I'm growing old!!!"s, looking for spots/wrinkles/grey hair in the mirror, hearing about someone getting married, having kids, blah... and goes on past buying 'Look younger in 7 days' cosmetics. Happens around me (and to me) a lot these days. But I slowed down to think - it seems like when we start to fear old age this soon (~25 years of age), to a point where we try to finish "all that we can do" uncomfortably fast, we're also degenerating faster.

Breathe a little. Think of what your parents, grand parents and great-grand parents must feel at their age. Enjoy this youth while it lasts, and don't let what you can't fight stress you out. Besides, it's going to be the same you, young or old. Basically, don't kill yourself over it - eventually you won't have to, it'll happen anyway! :P

So are you afraid of getting old?

Entering Capital City

From the plane: Down below was spread a massive carpet of twinkling lights, organised as the skeleton of a leaf. I felt like an alien descending onto neat lines of tiny (and some moving) bright dots.

And then the runway.

There's a night-Google-earth view of Delhi for you!
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