Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You and me and Me and you.

You are as similar to me as you are different from me as you are different from me as you are similar to me.

See? :D


I'm a hungry girl.

Foodie like.

Those who agree, please leave a comment naming one incident where you cannot but agree :)

(Yes, I'm feeling random. And oh, hungry! :P)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Everybody's Fool

Sometimes life's like standing on a log thats floating downstream, towards the waterfall.

When you're standing in the grey, and surrounded by black and white.

There are no lines in your thought, everything is squiggles; sometimes this way and sometimes that way, with no direction whatsoever.

Its twilight, shining down on you, a confusion of day and night, today and tomorrow, bird calls and silence.

Its the stories you hear, one from this ear, and one from the other. When there is doubt and clarity at once.

That's when you realise you're everybody's fool.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

No backspace for life

It takes a lot to mend a broken heart.

Notes to self -

~ Stick to those neglected to-do lists.
~ Dance and sing more.
~ Get back to crazy exercise routines. Basketball, here I come!
~ Go home, chill.
~ Learn more languages (including sign language!)
~ Call those I've been meaning to call.
~ Go randomly spontaneous again.
~ Think less!

How things change, yet are the same sometimes.


I was just thinking back to the beginning - to the days of those long rides in the BMTC buses and being grouped in roll-call order for projects... and I can't be sure when or how exactly through these things it was that our friendship was cemented.

From there on - all the long talks, all the strolls through parks by lakes, all the notes passed in class, all the exams, all the chais, all the bike rides, all the car drives (all that traveling, basically :P) and all the times you didn't call me when you got back home safe :) Them countless philosophical discussions, all the people who came and went, all that we care about and growing into sometimes ugly, but pure adulthood. Those innumerable pictures, all the parties, alcohol and all the laughing, the people around us. The reunions in Bangalore, the trips to Goa and Parson's valley, the many drastic changes in our lives...

Right to the emails, long online chats and talks on the phone that would win us the best long-distance relationships award ;)

I am so glad I have you!


That's what I discovered myself in, at MICA. A kaleidoscope of people, backgrounds, and thoughts.

One of the teachers there spoke with nothing but modesty and respect although he was very learned, older, and probably had every reason to boast.

He gave me a kaleidoscope, and I will cherish it - link it to the good memories of my truly inspiring time at the MICA campus.

Time travel

For my Powerpuff girl :)

Don't mix the past and present my dear. For, although you and I have our link in the past, we are here in the present, now.

Don't look at someone new in the light that you saw someone of old. Try, not to let those long gaps between the times we speak feel like gaps. This happens to us all yes, drifting is but common. We shall reunite, once again in another tomorrow, and then we will live like we used to.

We will time travel - to our common pasts, to our separate pasts, and through our present togetherness and linked futures.

Worry not my dear friend, we have time yet, time... to time travel.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Two things that will never be enough:



Don't you feel like you can never in your lifetime say "I've read every book there is to read" or "I've listened to every song there is to listen to"? I really wish I could say that. That's one ambition I'll probably not be able to reach!

It's an insatiable hunger though :)
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