Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Ending

A stranger can be so much more comforting
Than someone you consider close
Can be so genuine, no ulterior motives
Nor reasons to exhibit symptoms of dissociative disorder.

Just sitting and watching television, sleeping all day
Can be a good break
A therapy session can be one long, hot shower
And some aromatic body wash to go with it.

Living in the present can be such a lull
As compared to living in the past or future
Magnifying the good times or creating
A whole new possibility.

Being responsible means giving up the things you enjoy
And doing things that you don't like, everyday
And waiting, waiting for and waiting to find that one thing
That is responsible, enjoyable and definitive of you.

You don't know whether the happy ending
Is the start
Or the end
Or the middle.
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