Thursday, June 25, 2009

Is it Heaven or Hell?

It's interesting, the variety of answers you can get (especially on expanding into a follow up question of why) to this question by just applying them to different aspects of your life :D

Random Shit

I'm exhausted at work.

I miss my dog.

I miss my sister and parents.

I miss my friends and generally my favourite people.

I love music.

I can't really care, nah.

I haven't gone out in a while.

It's 4a.m. !


Break a glass

I want to break a glass, after I drain the alcohol in it, hear it shatter. Maybe the sound will make me hear the echoes of the past and think again, use logic. Be practical, and smart again. Be me again.

Shoulder = Pillow



When after work I craved for a cup of tea, zipping through the wind, not a care in the world. Replenishing ourselves, and thirst quenched, once again we embraced the wind. That rush of empty roads, and my hair far behind me, will always be a cherished memory my friend, always.


...bring back so much.

Lessons in smartness

Don't stand directly in front of a toilet door when opening it - unless intentional!


Forgiving becomes easy when you think about whether and how much this will matter in ten years.

Making stories with the clouds

I watched, as the blanket of clouds vanished from under me, through the tiny opening in the airplane they call a window. Slowly they transformed into shapes; things that I could only imagine, slightly unreal things.

And, almost as if I was transported into the past, when I lay on my back on the hard floor of the terrace and watched as the clouds passed by, watched them quietly, enjoying my time with the sky.

A dog chased a car, and a star was born. Suddenly a dinosaur head emerged, and then a snake, or was that a skipping rope? Then the sky opened up, and I could see in the distance, a castle... approaching it, and the carpet of white all around like snow. Spikes every few feet made me think of Superman's home. How nice it would be to enter an alien planet. Then there was the big hole in the clouds, like someone had torn the blanket of white apart to peek in.

I felt like I was floating, back in my freedom, back in my happiness, back in the times when all I worried about was homework. Floating... floating... and continuing to make stories with the clouds...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I found this somewhere

"Identities are floating, that meaning is not fixed and universally true at all times for all people, and that the subject is constructed through the unconscious in desire, fantasy and memory."

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I love DD News

They cover everything, and still have news for the hearing impaired! While every other news channel is cooking up news for greater viewership and generally better business, DD News is being truly democratic in giving news in Hindi, English and sign language. Hats off, I must say! :) I haven't watched this channel in a while, and their presentation is now much better than it was fifteen years ago, but they are essentially catering to everyone still.

:) Really, hats off!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Let not the thought escape the tongue.
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