Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am not always the person I seem to be :D

The Swami Narayan Temple, Ahmedabad.

The smell of the burning wick of a lamp.

Young women, stopping to touch old women's feet.


Coloured toe nails of removed slippers.

Hands clasped and voices singing in earnest prayer.

Temple bell sounds, repeatedly...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why the moon is so beautiful:

White light in a glowing ring,
An illuminated ball of off-white,
In the blackness of heaven suspended this thing,
In the pitch darkness, the only light.

Staring at it makes me feel so peaceful,
It alters my state of mind,
From stressed to deeply soulful,
There is nothing else that induces an emotion of this kind.

Stationary it remains in its pearly glow,
A mark of pure in all the black,
And especially when its hanging low,
It makes obvious the beauty we all lack.

In all its phases - waxes and wanes,
Slim as a witch's smile in the sky,
Or a half-bitten cookie lighting up dark lanes,
Under its comforting light forever I can lie.


I have developed a theory on my own observations.

Speed of typing ~ 1/Speed at which you can calculate.

Any voters? :D


I want to live, without being haunted by myself.


The way he looks at me, with those doleful eyes, love spilling over from them, makes me want to hold him in a tight hug forever. I miss my dear doggie. Like crazy! No one can love me as much, and I can't love anyone as much. I wish I wasn't so far away from him. Sigh. I love my baby Pepper!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Decision making

Me: I need to learn how to make a decision!

My sister: I can help you make a decision.


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