Friday, December 10, 2010

Lone Cigarette

That one cigarette, lone cigarette
To tell you the similarities
Between the lone cigarette and you.
How it burns, how it burns
Light so bright, lone cigarette
Evil companion, alone as you.

That one cigarette, lone cigarette
Speaks so much to me tonight
Burning bright, and finally put out.
Like life, like everything you do.
Questions; the dream you reach for
Slowly burning away.

That one cigarette, lone cigarette
Do something... your life is growing shorter
By the puff, you're burning away to ash.
It's talking to me, the lone cigarette
That one cigarette, lone cigarette
And with it, I'm alone tonight.


It's there. I can feel it.

The lack of tolerance, the zero patience, the snappishness, the wiping clean off the list of things I care about.

I no longer can grant you the honour of letting you get the benefit of the doubt. Two chances too far.

Unfortunately, it's not limited and it's spilling over, this distance.

Got. To. Stop. It. Now.

I don't want tarnishing and I'll keep the shine on!

The besura

There is a man, who's bathroom singing has been wafting through the night, and in through my bedroom window. It's been going on for half an hour now. He's absolutely besura too ! :|


There are those equations that I just cannot understand. However hard I try. However broad minded I may be. Here, I screech to a halt. If I didn't, I'd feel like I hit a physical barrier. THWACK! Just like that. I can't stretch myself that far, I really tried to. No such luck.

The Cubie Effect

Mins it is being dedicated to the Mercedes I have ;)

Littal bit slightly it is being difficult
To put the explanation for why mins
And how mins it is like this one
See no, we sit like this daily daily everyday
Mins littal influence is coming off on each other
First and all we was laughing at each other
Now also we is laughing only
But we is both being like this one and then we is both laughing.

Like this only it is being the cubie effect :)

Sometimes, So Much

There's so much more to see
There's so much more to do
And here at my desk sits me
Doing a job that everyone wants to do

I see nothing I want to see
There's nothing here I want to do
I want to get out, feel free
And do something that I want to do

And then the thought dawns on me
I think - do I know what I want to do?
Do I really know who I want to be?
That's a plain and simple NO, you see?

Ragging - a tradition

It's a great way to break the ice, as long as there is a set limit, because sometimes groups of teens don't know when they've gone overboard.


An unfinished conversation is like a half-cooked dish. Parts of it are tasty because they're cooked, but parts of it are raw and you really can't digest them. The momentum is lost, the train of thought broken, the questions taking form stop in their malformed state. The drift, the flow are interrupted. The art of conversation is incomplete.
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