Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You know you need more sleep when...

~ Takes a wad of cotton
~ Puts a little moisturiser on it
~ Rubs off the kaajal
~ Rubs, rubs, it doesn't come off

Oh wait. That's dark circles! :|

Oh yeah?




Sometimes I have these nightmares, but I'm wide awake. I see a future that's not yet here but still so real and so close. I'm numbed into silence and wonder, I'm growing yonder, towards this vision.

I hope that it doesn't come true, I'm already half ashamed. That in my heart I hold in me the half-sadistic desire. I can hear glass shattering.

And I wake up, and I'm right in the middle of the nightmare.

Little Star

Dedicated to my little star. Congrats and lots of love!

Little star shining bright
You give us hopes and dreams
Little star, so proud you make
Us all and you inspire!

In the time when things were grey
And mist and dust and fire
You sat and worked and worked your way
To shooting high and far

Twinkle in the eye from tears
And hope and confidence alive
Now we learn, we learn from you
The key is persistence and strife

Little star you shine so bright
I'm oh-so-proud tonight
Tomorrow you will light the sky
And be that twinkle in my eye.

Dealings in money

Person: Are you planning to buy a car?
Me: No, a hovercraft.
Person: ?
Me: By the time I can afford a car.... there will only be hovercrafts :|
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