Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I like taking pictures. It's a lot of fun. I remember taking pictures in college, borrowing Gol's fancy camera to take photos so I could enter a photography competition. :) In the end I didn't enter the competition, but my friends wanted me to make a calendar of my photos. That didn't happen either.

Many years later:

A touch of inspiration and I've finally ventured out into the open with a few pictures. Nothing fancy, mind you. Just pictures. These have no people in them, and I start with this album because the pictures in it were taken at a breathtakingly beautiful forest, home to leopards right near Hyderabad. They were taken one misty morning in January when we drove to Narsapur forest. As the lingering mist melted to greet the sun, so did it reveal the colours of nature...

Hope you enjoy it! Keep an eye out for more! :)

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Sasidhar said...

Nice photos! You sound like an interesting girl :)

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